Stories Inherited is a life history company committed to helping families document, preserve and share their loved one’s experiences and stories in a professional format. We start by conducting in-person interviews to learn about a life well lived. Then, we add historical research and whatever else you or your loved one would like to leave behind, such as special prayers, recipes, traditions specific to a family or culture, and advice to future generations. The final product is a family heirloom: a hardcover, full color, professional-grade book with a first-hand perspective of the moments that have made up a lifetime.

There are many reasons why our clients choose to document a life story. Some want control over their personal legacy. Others want their grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond to truly know them and learn from their experiences. Whatever your reason, telling and documenting your story is a rewarding and important experience and deserves professional care and attention. We look forward to hearing your story and helping you share it.



Sending Over a Watch

When Helen was 15 years old, her mother asked if she’d like to live with her grandparents in Lebanon for the summer. Helen excitedly agreed.

“My mother was very, very strict and I didn’t know what it meant to have a little freedom until I got over there!” Helen said.

While Helen experienced the culture of her ancestors in Lebanon, Afif, a Lebanese businessman living in Venezuela, visited the US. He stopped in Helen’s hometown to see extended family. He brought with him natural hangover remedies that work!